Simple Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is a simple, easy-to-use cheat sheet app for the iPhone. It is a Free download on the iOS App Store.

Free and simple to use

The players are pre-ranked by a fantasy football expert and it has a really simple interface that you can learn in seconds. The end result: You can be using the app in mere minutes!

Hundreds of players

The app ships with hundreds of players in every position (QB, WR, RB, TE, K, DEF, and IDP) color-coded by position. The players are pre-ranked for you, but you can easily re-sort them if you'd like. We'll ship updates over the next month or two to include any changes in free agency.

Tracking bye weeks

The app will track how many players you've drafted for each position and bye week. If you are about to draft someone with the same position and bye week as someone else, you'll see a warning in red. Our app will help you avoid making big mistakes on draft day.